Andrea Holzknecht

Shamanic Journey Drumming

Around the year 2000 I stumbled into a spiritual "adventure" that has changed my life completely. I left my job, my partner, my life as I was used to and started learning things I previously thought were strange, weird esoteric stuff. My first teachings were shamanic in nature (sweat lodge, medicine wheel, journey drumming, ...).

I studied with Sonja Emilia Rainbow Woman in Austria; Don Agustin Rivas and Don Pedro from Peru. And Margareta a dear friend introduced me to the native plants of my homeplace, how to use and work with them. After this period of "earthly" shamanic work I went on to work with "lighter" energies doing Pranic Healing, sound healing with the drum, indian flute and sound bowls. About 10 years ago I started working with a group of mostly women - we were doing healing sessions with tibetan sound bowls and about 5 years now we're having full and new moon healing ceremonies with chrystal sound bowls. At my first Gathering of Healers in 2016 I received a message that I should bridge the continents. At last years' gathering I was told how I could do this. So now in 2018 I am allowed to work with the drum connecting old and new world through spirit.

Currently I work as teacher at a vocational school in Feldkirch, Austria.