Bruce Capin

Bruce Capin lives in Gainesville, Florida with his wife, Erika, four domestic cats named Peta (means "fire" in Lakota language), Sota (means "smoke" in Lakota language), Tahli (means "stone" in Chickasaw language) and Lowak (means "fire" in Chickasaw language), one dog name Zia, and three mountain lions named Shasta (after the tribe), Talisa ("beautiful water" in the Creek language) and Kuwa ("to chase" in Lakota language). All are rescues (we've been rescuing animals since 1985).

Bruce graduated from Penn State University with a BA degree in Russian and fenced on the varsity team. After college, Bruce lived in Budapest, Hungary to train for the 1992 Olympic Games and fenced for the USA in the World Cup. He was a finalist in the US Olympic Trials and a member of the USA national squad for 11 years. He has coached at Penn State, California State University at Long Beach, San Jose State, New Mexico State and the University of Florida.

Bruce had a connection with the natural world since early childhood and it seems has always walked the red road. He has learned from 36 different tribal Elders, sometimes in single conversation and other times over a long period. Whatever the gifts the Elders were willing to share, Bruce was grateful. Bruce's modalities include Eastern Cherokee Stone and Feather Medicine, Sun and Chen Style Tai Chi, Qi Gong and meditation, the Native American Flute as it applies to healing and the Tibetan Singing Bowls which he learned to use in Nepal under the tutelage of a Tibetan Elder.


TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS and How To Use Them For Healing

The Tibetan singing bowls are over 3, 000 years old and work to retune the mind, body and spirit through sound therapy (vibrations). Studies at Harvard and Cornell have confirmed that the bowls have an effect on the system addressing everything from depression to PTSD to cancer. It is peaceful and painless.

In this class, we will learn how to use a single bowl for purposes of healing and meditation - how to use the bowl for protection, how to make it sing, the use of water with the bowl. We will give each other sessions under guided practice. This class will also use Lakota and Eastern Cherokee Feather and Stone Medicine techniques that compliment use of the bowls. There will be wisdom shared on basic ways to use the feathers.

TAI CHI, QI GONG AND MEDITATION Session On Saturday Before The Drumming Circle

Tai Chi, Qi Going and meditation all work to bring the system into called "equilibrium", the most peaceful, restful state possible that allows the mind, body and spirit to reenergize or rehabilitate as needed. It cleanses the system, calms the mind and uplifts the spirit. It has been practiced since ancient times and is respected by western medicine as a healing tool. The flow of Chi through the system as it is connected to the meridian points is the key to how the activity works.