De Alva Ward

Southwestern Shaman of Hopi / Kaibab Paiute Tribes of Arizona. As a practitioner of Energetic Transformation she incorporates her cultural beliefs in her practice to bring balance to Mind, Body, and Spirit to her clients. As a Spiritual Teacher she teaches about vibrational shifts with Humanity, Hopi Prophecy connections, Starseed Identity, Empowering Your Soul Purpose, and Mother Earth teachings for a modern lifestyle.

Hopi Prophecy: The Life of A Rainbow Tribe
The shift has begun as Hopi Prophecy has predicted and the consciousness of humanity is changing. The blanket of souls among the plant has been awakened. This awakening has shattered the Mind, Body, and Spirit to clear a path of rememberance of why you are here and to open you up to your souls purpose. These souls are the Rainbow Tribe.