Garrett Duncan

Bringing forth the languages of the Stars:

Garrett Duncan, Navajo Shaman has been designated the role of ambassador to the
Galactic and Sasquatch nations. He has
been working with the Sasquatch to bring forth telepathic activations along
with their teachings surrounding Earth's galactic history. Through their energies, Garrett was activated in speaking several star languages including, Pleiadian, Lemurian, Draconis,
Sasquatchi, and Andorian.

to the star elders, the vowels from our English language along with other
Earthly languages share commonality.
Each of the sounds stand for: Acceptance, Energy, Inspiration, Outcome,
& Unify. The Star elders have provided channeled tones and encourage
practice through working with the vowels. Participants will receive messages in
several Star languages. Exercises and activations will be performed to open
communication channels and bring further awareness to individual galactic
lifetimes and connections.

A, E,
I, O, U. Acceptance, Energy, Inspiration, Outcome, & Unify.

Accept that
you are of the stars



Outcome is

Unify your

Duncan was born and raised on the Navajo reservation. His clans are the Bitter
Water clan born for the Red Running into the Water clan. He is from a small community of Sanostee, New Mexico and is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation.Garrett underwent his spiritual awakening in 2008. In this transitionary period,
Garrett was dealing with a job layoff, the birth of his nephew, and visions of
the future. Due to his Navajo heritage, Garrett has always encompassed his spiritual upbringing into his everyday life. This provided a solid foundation
to which Garrett could rely on for assistance and guidance. After his awakening, Garrett was given
guidance from an elder of the tribe to assist the peoples of Earth.

Upon receiving his Eagle feathers, Garrett was initiated into the world ofshamanism. His mentor had informedGarrett of his role to act as a bridge between cultures in addition to
providing healing and counsel to those who sought his energies. The elder confirmed Garrett's gift of sightand is known as a "seer" among the Navajo. His gift also included hands on healing through energy that radiated from his hands. Garrett is currentlyacting in service to his people and all peoples of Earth using his wisdoms and knowledge to bring healing to those in need.

Garrett is the founder of Navajo Illuminations and the Navajo Featherway healing technique. He provides workshops and facilitates healing sessions across the US. He is in
involved in the Star Knowledge conference acting as a speaker to share his
knowledge and wisdoms from the Galactic Star nations and works as an ambassador
with all interdimensional realms. His earth work includes Star activations in sacred areas, land clearings and blessings, in addition to feather intention ceremonies. He is also heavily involved with teaching and using crystals to assist the waters of Earth.
He offers crystals to various sources of water to help promote healing and bring forth higher vibrations to their energies.

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