Glenn Milstrey
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Healer, Warrior, Teacher

Glenn Milstrey (Nexa Hual Coyotl)

Healer, Warrior, Teacher.

In walking with Spirit, I have
often questioned what those terms mean. Human meanings and Spirit meanings are not always the same. Come explore the possibilities with me at the Gathering.

Glenn is a priest of Spirit's Truth in the Fellowship of Isis and a Reiki Master. He is a spirit healer and a facilitator for others on their journey.

IGlenn was born in Upstate New Yorkand graduated from college with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Brought up in the Dutch Reformed religion; digressed to Christian Science, Buddhism and agnostic for many years of this earth walk. He settled into Catholicism when I hit 30. Spirituality knocked at his door during a Mass one day, and he was told he was going on a retreat advertised in the bulletin. That changed many things for him. He became a catechist and participated in the Catholic Charismatic movement, and then his connection to Spirit deepened. His time working at Ground Zero after 9/11 strongly challenged his connection with Spirit.

He was introduced to Native American spirituality during an earth retreat at a Catholic retreat facility in the Adirondacks. Glenn is a carrier of the sacred pipe, fire keeper, priest of Spirit's Truth in the Fellowship of Isis and a member of the Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin.