Grace Kirkwood

Inspired by her Natural Surroundings, there's an unstructured balance and organic element found in Grace's jewelry, spiritual tools, paintings and healing remedies from Mother Earth. Through her creativity and enthusiasm to bring fun and spontaneity to art, she created and teaches Interactive Art and Zendala Workshops, a process to awaken your Inner Child to play and experience conscious healing from within on your Journey of JOY.

"I think of my life as a magnificent art form, changing and evolving every moment of every day. In being creative, I know that my life is my greatest work in progress. What I do with it depends on me. And I am grateful for each moment that I am given to create and share my art."

Zendala Workshop

Learn about the fascination, origin, traditions and rituals of the Mandala.
Allow your creative brain and inner child come out and play.
Learn the basics of Zentangle and incorporate them into our Mandala.
Experience techniques that will quite the chattering mind.
Design our own Mandala from start to finish.
Enjoy the fascination of the newest craze: Adult Coloring.

No artistic talent needed. After we complete our designs we'll set an intention and meditate with our creations, enjoying its hypnotic effects.


Interactive Art: