Irma Caisamo

Irma Caisamo was born fifty two years ago in the headwaters
of the Tuira River in the Darien Province of Panama in an area that is known
today as the Embera and Waunaan Reservation.

Her mother Placeres Caisamo was born in Colombia to later
settle with her children in this area. As a child Irma demonstrated an acute
interest in plants and started learning with her mother at a very early age.

Placeres was Jaibana (in Embera the equivalent of shaman)
and also a botanical healer from a long line of healers stretching back into

Placeres gave birth to ten children. Irma, who was born
gifted, became her chosen one. As a very young woman Irma became deathly ill
and eventually healed herself. She credits her conversations with Creator for
allowing her to discover her mission in life which is to bring the healing ways
of her mother and her people into the mainstream.

This would also fulfill a prophecy of her people, which
simply states that in this time of spiritual decay that we have been living the
hidden science of the Embera will help to save the world form our own misdeeds
affording healing that we may return to a beautiful way.

For almost thirty years Irma has healed people of all types
of ills in her humble home of healing on the outskirts of Panama City. She is
truly a treasure for humanity that needs to become known. One of her special
interests is to become part of a woman's healing circle dedicated to healing in
a right and good way.