Jim and Sue Graywolf Petruzzie

Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother


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Jim Graywolf Petruzzie

I have walked in, studied and melded with nature and its creatures my entire life. I have dedicated the last twenty years of my path to serving people through providing educational, spiritual and healing opportunities. My degrees are in education and Masters in environmental
interpretation and natural resource management and a PhD in metaphysics. My
real degrees are in what I have acquired from my indigenous teachers and directly from Mother Nature.

Born Italian gypsy, my grandmother was a medicine woman for four clans in Italy. My people shepards. Shamanic medicine was part of my birth heritage. In 1990 I began studying with indigenous people; Native American; Mayan; Australian; African, Celtic and others. I have been adopted by my Mayan family and my Lakota family. I lived and learned from my elders of
many indigenous cultures for over 35 years.

I have been asked to offer shamanic healing and teach shamanic practices and medicine for years, but until recently I have resisted. The concepts of 'shaman' and 'shamanic medicine' have been so misused that I did not wish to enter this arena. Now, as our world and all its creatures -
including we humans - are in such need of healing I have been offering some
shamanic healing venues and sharing some of the shamanic teachings and
practices that have been taught to me.

Sue Graywolf Petruzzi

Like Jim, Sue has been connected to nature her whole life, especially the animal kingdom. This love grew even stronger and led her in her late 30's to organizations that nurtured her love for the outdoors. This connection again to nature along with her administrative skills led her in the direction of wanting to learn more of what made her heart want to connect deeply with Native
American Spirituality. Sue realized what had been missing through many trials
and tribulations that brought her once again home to Nature. She spent quite a lot of her time learning through reading and attending groups and workshops that connected her to
several teachers.

Sue has studied energetic healing approaches for years and is a long time Reiki Master. She has also been connected with music, singing and dance her entire life. She has evolved sound
healing techniques that are powerful and effective. Through her continued learning's
about other healing methods she started using crystals along with sound, and
also the art of using a pendulum for seeing energy levels. This healing modality she uses to work with all life including the animals she is so connected to. Sue has provided and continues to provide healing energy for many, and end of life comfort and teachings for others.

Jim and Sue Graywolf Petruzzi

More important than what we have learned and done iswhat we do now. We came together nine years ago, in 2009. Our energies pulledus together and allowed us to see we were to walk the remainder of our lives asa couple, providing healing, teaching and ceremonial offerings. We have
continued to add to our knowledge as we have been guided to create new approaches in each  of these areas.

We have travelled extensively in the U.S. and abroad sharing what wisdom we have and continuing to learn from other spiritual and energetic healers and teachers. Our Sound and Shamanic Healing retreats have become amazingly effective and are requested often. We have carried our 3-½ foot healing drum, Hoop of Many Colors, with us, along with drums from around
the globe, sacred Tibetan healing bowls and energy welcoming flutes. We have
been asked to do ceremony and healing work in the center of Stonehenge and in
power places around the globe.

Recently Sue felt the ancestors guiding her to find a sacred place for us to move to and from which we would provide healing and growth retreats. We have lived in Sedona and Santa Fe and Colorado and thought we would be living on the banks of the Poudre River longer. But, having learned to listen to Spirit long ago, we opened to the energy of another move. And a
sacred space retreat building and Air B&B in Crestone, Colorado appeared.
Crestone is a spiritual Mecca, sacred to many Native American tribes,
especially the Navajo. And it is THE spiritual Mecca of the Rocky Mountains -
the backbone of Turtle Island.

Now we welcome guests who come for relaxation and meditation as well as guests coming to work with us one on one or in groups. And we are readying to welcome people to the retreats we are scheduling. Come and join us for a room, a healing experience or a retreat in the Sacred Space at the Enchanted Forest in Crestone, CO.

We still travel for some gatherings where we feel we are meant to be. The Gathering of Healers on Navajo land in August 2018, is one such place.

Our primary mission, as a spiritual duo is to help people to heal individually and in groups and to help people heal with the circle of life - the Earth Mother and all her creatures and elements. We do this so the seven generations will have a better place to live. We also work
with the World Summit organization to create the changes that will allow for a
new, fairer and more sustainable way of life. One Mother, one tribe.