Linda Herzog

Linda Herzog is a mother, grandmother, wife, Certified Crystal Resonance™
Therapist, Creator of "Flowing and Evolving with the Phases of the Moon" a
Retired Arizona Attorney and has been a devoted planetary healer for decades.
Linda has been with the Gathering of Healers (GOH) since the beginning. She is
a founding Board Member of GOH along
with Mechelle Morgan-Flowers and Cindy Green. Linda will be facilitating an interactive
workshop this year which will provide participants with a gentle and empowering
lunar practice that she developed and has been utilizing and sharing with
others during the las decade.


Flowing and Evolving with the Phases of the Moon

The moon effects all life on our beautiful planet earth, Gaia, as can been so
dramatically by the ocean tides and the ebbs and flows of each of our lives.
Linda will provide "Flowing and Evolving with the Phase of the Moon" to each workshop participant to take with
them to support their journey through the coming year and years to come. Included will be the astrological flavor of each lunar cycle, new moon, waxing moon, full moon, waning moon and balsamic moon and how it impacts us collectively as well as individually though
transiting our individual birth charts. We will also integrate different
crystals and stones to support us in our lunar journey!