Rand Gholson

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Rand is very grateful to share information with the Gathering of Healers about being
"Building Your Energy Balance Daily". This is very much about the Journey we
are on and our relationship to Creation.

Rand has had a calling to healing all his life. Growing up in State Parks as part of
a Ranger's family, he helped heal, raise and rehabilitate animals as a youth
and expanded to humans as an adult.

Rand's healing work utilizes both formal training and a lifetime of working with the
energies that move through his hands and energy systems.

Rand has completed all levels of training available in Eden Energy Medicine and
enjoys a foundational relationship with his mentor and teacher, Donna Eden.
Rand has a faculty position with the four year Eden Energy Medicine
Certification Program.

Rand has worked with other energy workers for several years in weaving and
distilling an ongoing energy work called Ascending Energies. This work is
primarily of angelic and shamanic background, greatly influenced by communication
with angels and soul journeying to repair spiritual influences of "Houcha" or
heavy energy that become attached to our fields of energy. He also utilizes
this practice in addressing geo-pathological disturbances in our planetary
fields for planetary healing on sites all over the planet.

Rand and his wife Laura have pioneered an acoustic vibrational therapy they call
Harmonic Therapy primarily using Mono-chording, drumming, chakra-chimes and
gong bowls. The basis of this work is in building resonance in both the
cellular structure of the body and within the energy systems of the body.

Rand has developed another modality called "Dreamtime" which
involves both being taught and working while in the dream state. He is
currently authoring a book on this work which he hopes to complete in 2015. He
teaches individuals and presents workshops to groups on "Dreamtime".

Rand ravels doing workshops in all the above as well as teaching in Phoenix
quarterly for the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. He encourages
community hosts to work with him in bringing these trainings to their
communities. If you are interested in this, please contact him so scheduling
can be arranged.

& Info for presentation:

"Building Your Energy Balance Daily"

In this presentation, a number of energy balancing exercises and techniques will
be taught and demonstrated. When done on a daily basis, these build and
maintain not just several different energy systems of the body, but integrate
them to function together as well. This enables us to be more highly attuned to
the planets energies and the shifts it makes as well. This creates greater
stability resiliency of the Biodynamics for our energy fields.