Sharon Hinckley

Sharon Hinckley, Plein-Air Artist, Author, Yoga Instructor & Certified Passion Test

Sharon's love of painting began at an early age . . . she made her first mural on the living room

wall in crayon at the age of four. She was sent to bed without her supper. Fortunately, most of

the critics have been kinder since. At least, they haven't withheld food! She has traveled the

world with her paint brush. In 1999, NorthLight books published her book

Watercolor Basics:

Painting Flowers.

That was the same year that she became a Registered & Certified Yoga

Instructor, RYT 500. She is trained in two styles of Yoga: Svaroopa & a Korean energy Practice.

And she has also taken Medical Yoga training. Additionally, She has expanded into the Art of

Photography and publishes the popular

La Jolla Calendar.

She first took

the Passion Test in October of 2013. Within a month, she had joined a group

called Women's Wisdom, she received her

Passion Test Facilitator Certification in March

and, by April, she was on an airplane to Katmandu. Sharon is passionate about making Wise

decisions and she loves to travel.

"When you are Clear, what you choose to show up in

your Life will, but

only to the extent that you are Clear!"


The Passion Test: Your Passion is Your Medicine

The Passion Test, created by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, is designed to

inspire Transformation through Love. "When your are happy, Creator is happy"

In the Native American Tradition, "medicine" isn't a remedy for some externally created

condition. Your Medicine is the essence of who you are; your spirit, true power and


The Passion Test

is an enjoyable process designed to assist in uncovering deeper

aspects of your Self that may have gotten covered over in the busyness of Life. Instead

of choosing what you think you can have or what you think you should want (or what

someone else thinks you should want) learn to choose what you truly desire.

"When you stay open to how life is appearing at this moment, free of your

concepts of how it "should" be, you create the opportunity for miracles to occur"

Be prepared to have Fun!